Welcome to the place where the science of behavior change

fuels the magic of personal reinvention.

You might be used to toxic personal development.

But here, we do self-help without the self-hate.

we call it...
compassion-first change

We follow an evidence-based cycle:

Awareness. Acceptance. Adjustment. Action

and with it, we’ve helped thousands of people live the life they want to have and become the person they’ve always dreamed of being.

meet the CEO

hey, I'm Karin,

After years of struggling with my own behavior and eventually graduating with my doctorate in Health Communication, I had a striking realization: The typical self-help and productivity approaches of the personal development industry were shockingly inconsistent with the actual research on change. That inconsistency became the fuel for Body Brain Alliance, where we’re on a mission to teach compassion-first change techniques that help dedicated self-improvers become their 2.0 selves.

Meaningful Mornings

Need a taste of what we’re all about? Check out Meaningful Mornings, the mini-course that teaches you how to build a morning experience you’ll actually love (without quoting ANY white male CEO’s along the way).

Change Academy

Ready for a monthly workout subscription… for your brain? Change Academy might be exactly what you’re looking for. Get access to a 1-hour deep dive workshop on the science behind a specific change topic, every single month.

Six Hour Syllabus

Coaching? Growing a business yourself? Don’t miss Six Hour Syllabus, our signature curriculum design course that will guide you through the process of planning your first course… in six hours or less.

On the blog

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DO THIS ONE THING IF YOU WANT TO BECOME AN EXPERT IN YOUR OWN TIME MANAGEMENT.    Prefer to learn on video? Watch here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrcfkb5AQzs