about karin

I'm a self-help super-fan, a PhD expert in behavior & learning, an experienced public speaker, and a dedicated coach.

Hi, I'm Karin...

and i've read 144 self help books

Ever since I can remember, I've been obsessed with improvement. From selling fake "muffins" as a 5-year-old entrepreneur to crafting my public speaking skills in high school and college speech & debate, I was all-in on any activity that allowed me to grow, improve, and change.

But the one puzzle I couldn't solve, fix, or change... was my own behavior.

As a college student, I was in need of a behavior change (desperately). I was sleeping in consistently... leading to skipped classes & poor grades. 99% of my diet was chips with bacon dip and diet coke... so I couldn't focus, didn't feel well, and had no energy. I had never been involved in athletics... so working out seemed like an activity that only other people did, not me. My bank account had been drained by planners, quick-fix diet pills, and random products that promised me they would make everything easier.

None of it worked. Instead...

My mental health was in the trash can.

My physical health was in the trash can.

But luckily, something somewhere deep within me refused to give up. I dug deep and discovered my own growth mindset - my core belief that I could improve anything about myself if I simply kept trying.

So I did. I kept trying.

And I also kept educating myself. I made a last minute switch to get a psychology degree in undergrad. I followed it up with a master's degree focused on interpersonal communication. I finished it off with four years of a PhD deep dive into health behavior change, and a dissertation that used mindset theory to help students learn and change their OWN lives.

and now...

And now, I'm bringing what I've discovered through education, experience, and evidence... to YOU.

You, the person who desperately wants to learn consistency. You, the person who knows if they could JUST stop procrastinating and take action, you could accomplish your dreams.

You, who knows what to do to be healthy... you just can't get yourself to do it.

work with me

Interested in working with me? Here's how you can do that.

speaking engagements

As a once nationally ranked public speaker, I love being in front of a crowd! Whether it's a podcast appearance, customized presentation, or training for your own students, click the link below to book my brain.

curriculum intensives

If you're an experienced coach with a program in need of improvement, I do work 1 on 1 with select clients to audit, adjust, and even overhaul your existing course or program. Availability is limited. Learn

more by clicking below.

behavior coaching

I currently offer 1:1 coaching for anyone who wants to improve their mind management, change their behavior for the better, and finally get some accountability when it comes to living the life they've dreamed of.

what people say

What's it like to work with me?

on curriculum design...

"She'll give it to you straight. What would you rather have? Someone being too nice about your content or actually helping you deliver a great product to your audience? I think the answer is pretty clear."

on behavior coaching...

"Karin listened, was compassionate and didn't show up with a one sized fits all mentality. Working with her helped me stop overeating, lose weight and accomplish my goals of fitting into my jeans without dieting"

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