Stop pursuing self-help
from a place of self-hate.

You’re a bit of a self-help nerd– you’ve got a graveyard of old of self-help books, bullet journals, and planners that you bought and never used. 

Tips like “make it a habit” or “be disciplined!” don’t help you… because they give no information on HOW to ACTUALLy do those things. 

Your relationship with consistency is probably more chaotic than your relationship with your first high school crush.

You’re an evidence-based person. You prefer to trust the science, go DEEP, and truly understand the psychology of the changes you’re making.


Change Academy

Each month in Change Academy, you’ll receive a masterclass education from a PhD level change expert on a specific topic related to behavior change and personal development.

"Change Academy is packed with amazing content that is unique to any other workshop I’ve attended. Everything is delivered in a way that makes it actionable and easy to apply to your life."
Academy Member
"I felt like I'd heard it all in the personal development realm - you have my jaw dropping and my mind whirring""
Academy Member
"Even as a coach myself, the amount I learn every month is unmatched. I love that there are actually citations on screen to back up the points, and I love the workbooks to help me take action!!
Academy PRO Member

We approach self-improvement from a place of self-love, not self-hate. 


This membership is workshop-based for a reason – workshops and video are SO MUCH MORE engaging than those books you’ve abandoned. (Plus, we provide audio files so you can listen on the go!)


We build our resources for REAL people, with busy lives – not silicon valley CEO dudes who have 7 hours to jump on the trampoline every morning.


We’re not going to tell you WHAT to do, we’re going to teach you HOW to do it. No more stock advice like “be more disciplined” or “use self-control.” We give actual step by step instructions on HOW to develop mental skills, with workbooks & activities to help. 

Plus, you have lifetime access.

It's perfectionistic to believe that every month, you'll use 100% of the resources.

You have a life. Things get busy.

That's why even if you leave the membership, you retain access to every one of your workshops.

It's kind of like having a fully stocked pantry. Sure, you might not use every ingredient THIS month.

That doesn't mean they were a waste of money.

In fact, your future self is SO GLAD you had these workshops on hand.

What's included:

a monthly focus

You've got a long list of behaviors you WANT to work on. Our monthly academy theme gives you a built in decision making mechanism for what to focus on next.

replay access

You get (and keep) the video AND AUDIO replay of each workshop - so you can take in those gold nuggets of info when you're on the go, or when you DO have time.


What's more exciting than 10 pages of a self-help book? A live, interactive workshop filled with other people working through the exact same thing as you.

"ask a coach"

Got questions? Struggling to apply the concepts? Need a little personalized guidance? At NO EXTRA COST, you can get feedback on YOUR life from behavior experts.

printable resources

To go with each workshop, we provide "homework" that actually helps you IMPLEMENT. That might be a challenge, a set of journal prompts, worksheets, etc.

Community support

We've got a BONUS non-facebook online community where we host pop-up events, accountability calls, challenges, chat spaces, and more.

(or less, if you choose our 6 or 12 month memberships)

Inside the workshop…

  • We’ll talk about the real science behind what mental toughness ACTUALLY is, including cutting-edge neuroscience that large organizations like the military are using to teach it.
  • We’ll explore how the popular conception of what creates and teaches mental toughness is TOTALLY WRONG, and what science actually says about this learning process.
  • We’ll cover the perpetual question: “When should I be more tough with myself, and when should I use more compassion?”
  • We’ll explore tiny and concrete practices that increase mental toughness, as well as touch on the myths & realities behind things which SUPPOSEDLY increase toughness (like cold showers).




My name is Dr. Karin Nordin, and I’m a PhD expert in behavior change and growth mindset – but I’m also someone who has been seeking, exploring, and experimenting with change for years because I REALLY struggled with it. 


From habit formation to tidiness to STICKING to a freaking routine, I spent YEARS wanting (and failing) to make a real change in my own behavior patterns. 


After acquiring 157 self-help books STILL didn’t cut it, I went looking for answers… and ended up with a PhD. 


Now, I’m on a mission to provide evidence-based change education to as many people as possible. 


The kind the self-help books WON’T teach you, and the kind that ACTUALLY works for busy normal people like you and me. 


Join me in Change Academy as I share the real science behind self-help with YOU.

The Academy is right for you IF you get excited about...

Learning REAL psychology and evidence-based methods (not the bullshit tips all over tik tok).

Practical and step-by-step tools for how to change (not just ambiguous journal prompts)

Becoming a new version of YOU (in a way that feels compassionate, curious, and actually fun). 

Having a monthly self-care date with YOURSELF (because we all know sometimes, your growth is dead last on your priority list). 

here's my pitch:

95% of what’s out there on how to change is complete and utter bullshit. It’s toxic. It’s not evidence-based. AND, it’s wrong!


The stories you hear about how to “boost your willpower” or how “simple” your habits can be with the right “tiny” formula or how within just X number of days, you can totally build that discipline you “desperately need” and become mentally tough…


I’m on a mission to help you pursue your big, impossible dreams for the person you want to be…from a place of love, and acceptance, and compassion.. and with a realistic understanding of what we can expect from ourselves as HUMAN BEINGS with real squishy brains, not lifeless productivity robots engineered by capitalism.

It might be rare, or even unheard of — but it is possible.

Compassion-first change.

Three Promises


The shit we’re covering in each workshop isn’t some random idea I came up with in the shower… it’s evidence-based practice. What does that mean? It means we’ll combine scientific research, my years of experience coaching actual humans on change, and YOUR personal perspective to create a plan & approach that works for YOU.


If there’s one thing I hate in the world of behavior change, it’s procrasti-learning. We can absorb ALL the information on behavior change that exists in the universe, but it does us absolutely no good until we take action. That’s why each workshop will come with strategic action steps and a game-planning component, so you walk away knowing exactly what to DO with the fun stuff you learned.


I am going to ask you hard questions in these workshops. I am going to push your buttons. I am going to call you out and I am going to make you think. It will not always be comfortable. In fact, my goal is that most of the time, you feel a little uncomfortable or challenged by what we discuss. Fair warning – change comes from a shift in perspective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You only get access to the workshops STARTING WITH the month you join. Once or twice per year, we do “open the vault” and current academy members can purchase previous workshops. 

No problem! 70% of our members do NOT attend the workshop, and instead, they just watch the replay sent out afterwards!


PS: You get access to that replay FOR LIFE, so if you’re busy this month but are SO PUMPED about this month’s topic, definitely still sign up. 

Nope! There is NO minimum commitment. If you join, the workshop isn’t your style, and you don’t want to be a member anymore… you can simply unsubscribe. 


Why not give it a shot?

You can unsubscribe by emailing our client care account,  help@karinn4.sg-host.com. You must send that message at least 2 business days BEFORE your billing date in order for the changes to take effect for that cycle. 

You’ll keep your access to any previous recordings you might have even after you unsubscribe.

Pssst... WHAT are you doing down here?

You've read the info, now it's time to take action.

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