Strategy alone will never build a successful coaching business.

Execution is required.

lucky for you..

This is the place we teach both.

As a coach, part of your fundamental job is to help clients with behavior.

You can have the smartest nutrition plan, best programming skills, or most advanced life coaching techniques in the world… but if you can’t help your client use those tools, they don’t matter.


No matter the domain – life, finances, nutrition, workouts, sleep, recovery, career – behavior is the foundation of change. 

But to grow your business, your own behavior is equally as vital.

No launch plan will eliminate procrastination. 


The perfect project management system STILL won’t cure all of the overwhelm. 


Buying more courses doesn’t create confidence, certainty, or clarity… (or content!)


You don’t need more business advice. 

You need behavior change. 

let me introduce you to...
change academy pro

Change Academy is my monthly workshop membership. 

Each month, we provide a science-packed workshop on a different change topic. We launched this membership in December of 2021, and we are 500+ members strong. 

After launching, we started to get tons of requests and questions from coaches. 

“How do I apply this with clients?”

“These tools are incredible… can I share them in my coaching practice?”

“This seems like it’s SO relevant to launching a product… can I get coached on that?

Just like that, Change Academy PRO was born. 


We wanted to provide a place where coaches could get coached without paying an entire year’s worth of income for a 6-month mastermind. 


We wanted to provide high-quality information and resources just like we do for the general public, but with EXTRA education on how to use and apply them in a coaching practice. 


We wanted coaches to be able to ethically and legally access our done-for-you resources. 


And, we wanted to create a community of support. 


You’re not the only coach who procrastinates, or takes 4 hours to create one Instagram post, or panics about the future, or sometimes doubts yourself.

In fact...




that's your coaching strength,

not your weakness.

what's included:


We kickoff each month with access to our Change Academy workshop, which is a 1.5 hour deep dive into the science of a specific behavior change topic. Trust me when I say these are PhD level workshops!

done for you tools

When you join, you get access to our growing library of change tools. These are ACTUAL PDFs, worksheets, MI questions, etc that you are licensed to use with 1 on 1 clients. (You must remain a member to use them).

client focus call

We have TWO group coaching calls per month. The first one focuses on CLIENT issues. We start with a brief lesson on how to apply the month's topic with clients, and then dive into YOUR specific client struggles.

replay access

You get (and keep) the video AND AUDIO replay of each workshop, as well as the coaching call recordings - so you can take in those gold nuggets of info when you're on the go, or when you DO have time.

business call

Every month, we have one "hot seat" style call, where YOU can get mentorship directly from Karin on your business struggles, your strategy, your next move, your behavior, anything goes!

affiliate ability

Interested in getting YOUR clients enrolled in Change Academy? As a PRO member, you can enroll to become a Change Academy affiliate - and get money BACK for every client of yours who enrolls.

"This sounds great, but it sounds expensive."

get ready for sticker shock,
but in a good way.
instead of charging you hundreds or thousands of dollars for this mentorship style opportunity, academy pro is
(or less, if you choose our 6 or 12 month memberships)
(plus, it includes regular academy access, which is priced at $35 per month)

meet your mentor

It’s April of 2020. 


I’m sitting on my couch at home, sweating through my shirt. My best friend is sitting next to me, yelling “just do it!!!” as I hover my shaking hand over the “post” button, (not so) ready to tell the world I was officially a nutrition coach. 


I finally did it – and that was the beginning. 


Two and a half years later, Body Brain Alliance is a multi-six-figure business. We’ve grown from zero to 130 clients, hired assistant coaches and operations managers, launched and grew a membership as well as successful courses. 


How did you do it? They ask me. 


I didn’t follow anyone’s launch strategy. I didn’t spend thousands of dollars on facebook ads, or pay for a boss babe mastermind. 


I focused on behavior. My behavior, and my client’s behavior. The rest is history. 


Now, I’m on a mission to get compassion first change education into the lives of one million people — 


and my business can’t do it alone, so I want to help you build yours. 


Let’s do this thing, shall we?