You don't need more discipline.
You need a fundamental education
on the real psychology of change

tell me if this is you:

  • You’re ready to make some changes in your life… but none of the approaches you’ve tried seem to work. 
  • You know exactly what you’re SUPPOSED to do (or even want to do)… but the day to day practice of actually doing it is a struggle. 
  • You’re bored and tired of the harsh, discipline-focused, “just do it” approach to improvement… and you are willing to try something new and fresh.
  • You’re ready to hear what the evidence has to say about behavior change… but hours squinting at abstracts on google scholar isn’t your cup of tea. 


Change Academy

Each month in Change Academy, you’ll receive a masterclass education on a specific topic related to behavior change and personal development.

change academy

Build for the regular human trying to make their life a little more streamlined, our baseline Change Academy membership will give you the fundamental education YOU need to change in the ways you want. Makes an amazing Christmas gift!
  • Access to a 1-2 hour masterclass EACH month that unpacks the actual science of how to change, and gives you tangible implementation tips. You can attend live OR watch the replay.
  • A printable resource that goes along with each workshop with prompts, guidance, and exercises that help you APPLY what you've learned. (We also occasionally run monthly challenges & support groups inside our community).
  • An invite to our Change Academy COMMUNITY, an online non-facebook group where we host pop-up events (body doubling, tidy with me, bonus content) and where you can meet other people who love change as much as you do.
  • No minimum commitment. You can cancel anytime and you KEEP access to the previous workshop recordings from when you were in the academy.

academy pro

Built for the coach or professional ready to level up their own behavior change knowledge and apply the monthly academy concepts with their OWN clients. Academy PRO gives you access to ALL the regular academy content, PLUS additional tools.
  • EVERYTHING included in the Academy is included in Academy PRO. We recommend you attend the monthly workshop because yes, a lot of that information will be new for you, too.
  • Exclusive access to a monthly resource YOU can use with clients. (You must remain a member to retain access and licensing permission for these tools).
  • A 1-hour call each month focused on client success. During this call, we'll do a brief lesson on HOW to apply each month's topic with clients, and then we'll have an open forum discussion where you can get support with client issues.
  • A 1-hour call with focused on business mentorship. This is an open coaching call where YOU can get coached on behavior change issues related to YOUR business (check-in resistance, social media, scaling, offers, etc - it's all fair game!)

This month’s workshop is…

How To Hold Yourself Accountable!

We’ll learn…

  • The REAL science of what self-accountability is, why you might CURRENTLY feel like you struggle with it
  • How to detect if you have a fixed mindset about self-accountability (hello, anyone who identifies as an “obliger”).
  • How to tell the difference between over-commitment and under-performance
  • The link between self-accountability and self-trust (and how to improve both)
  • And, concrete scientific strategies for BUILDING self-accountability in the future.
Do you get excited about...

Learning REAL psychology and evidence-based methods (not the bullshit tips all over tik tok).

Practical and step-by-step tools for how to change (not just ambiguous journal prompts)

Becoming a new version of YOU (in a way that feels compassionate, curious, and actually fun). 

Having a monthly self-care date with YOURSELF (because we all know sometimes, your growth is dead last on your priority list). 

It's time to build your brain as intentionally as you build your muscles

here's my pitch:

I think 95% of what’s out there on how to change is complete and utter bullshit. I think it’s toxic. It’s not evidence-based. AND, it’s wrong!

The stories you hear about how to “boost your willpower” or how “simple” your habits can be with the right “tiny” formula or how within just X number of days, you can totally build that discipline you “desperately need” and become mentally tough…


I’m on a mission to help you pursue your big, impossible dreams for the person you want to be…from a place of love, and acceptance, and compassion.. and with a realistic understanding of what we can expect from ourselves as HUMAN BEINGS with real squishy brains, not lifeless productivity robots engineered by capitalism.

It might be rare, or even unheard of — but it is possible.

Compassion-first change.

Three Promises


The shit we’re covering in each workshop isn’t some random idea I came up with in the shower… it’s evidence-based practice. What does that mean? It means we’ll combine scientific research, my years of experience coaching actual humans on change, and YOUR personal perspective to create a plan & approach that works for YOU.


If there’s one thing I hate in the world of behavior change, it’s procrasti-learning. We can absorb ALL the information on behavior change that exists in the universe, but it does us absolutely no good until we take action. That’s why each workshop will come with strategic action steps and a game-planning component, so you walk away knowing exactly what to DO with the fun stuff you learned.


I am going to ask you hard questions in these workshops. I am going to push your buttons. I am going to call you out and I am going to make you think. It will not always be comfortable. In fact, my goal is that most of the time, you feel a little uncomfortable or challenged by what we discuss. Fair warning – change comes from a shift in perspective.

about me

Hey, I’m Karin..

I’m a PhD expert in behavior change and growth mindset… and someone who has been seeking, exploring, and experimenting with change for years. 

I’m on a mission to provide evidence-based change education to as many people as possible. 

Will you join me?

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! You only get access to the workshops STARTING WITH the month you join. If you want access to ALL workshops, I suggest joining NOW.

YES. Whether you’re part of Change Academy or if you just buy the individual workshop, you’ll always get lifetime access to the recording. 

Every month, the workshop is scheduled for 3PM ET on the 1st Thursday of the month. 

Enrollment (for both the workshop and for Change Academy) opens the Monday before the workshop and one hour before the actual workshop begins. 

You can unsubscribe by filling out this form. You must fill it out at least 2 business days BEFORE your billing date in order for the changes to take effect for that cycle. 

You’ll keep your access to any previous recordings you might have even after you unsubscribe.