To serve your clients
you need to be a great coach...
But to scale your business
you need to learn how to TEACH.

your teaching skills matter when...

You’re creating content for Instagram and you want your posts to TRULY impact the people reading them.

You’re writing an email to your list, and you want to make sure your reader gets past that third sentence.

You’re starting to grow your client load, and you need to build resources so you don’t spend 80% of the time repeating yourself.

You’re building a freebie or educational product, and you want that person’s first impression to be that YOU are the instructor for them.

It seems overwhelming...

It’s okay to be confused about a process you’ve never been taught. 

You’re in the right place. 

let me introduce

your ticket from procrastination to profit....

Six Hour Syllabus

Let's get clear:

this is a self-paced course

It will take you less than 6 hours to go through, from start to finish. (If you're a course purchaser but not a course finisher, don't worry... this was designed for you).

that teaches you educational psychology

From student engagement strategies to scaffolding information, this course covers PhD level concepts YOU need to know... but at an 8th grade reading level.

& you'll walk away with a plan

This is not a course where I just GIVE you information. You'll use my "Ultimate Course Builder" tool to actually PLAN your course or curriculum as you go.

"Okay, but I've bought SO many courses on business and haven't used them..."

Yes, my friend. 

You and the rest of everyone who has ever purchased a course online. 

In fact, the AVERAGE online course completion rate is about 15%.

You know what causes that problem? 

It’s not you, your focus, or your willpower. 


It’s courses that don’t leverage the science of student engagement. 

It’s design that prioritizes the instructor’s knowledge over the learner’s results. 

Most online courses are built by people 

who don’t have any background in curriculum design

so they end up feeling like a workout plan 

designed by someone WITHOUT a personal training certificate. 

That’s the problem we’re trying to SOLVE. 


I knew I had valuable skills and information to teach, but I didn’t know how to reach people in an engaging way that would help them know, understand, and do the tasks at hand. 

With Karin’s easy-to-follow curriculum, I was able to create learning materials that could reach and teach all of my learners, allowing them to take in information, practice what they learned, and repeat the process as many times as desired.

SHS helped me organize, plan, and simplify, all while bettering my course materials and delivery.

- Dani Kehlmann

what's included:

If you’ve been procrastinating that course for ages… this is exactly what you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

The name Six Hour Syllabus isn’t just some slick alliteration… it’s a guarantee that you’ll be able to get through the ENTIRE course planning process in six hours or less. 

(Seriously – I even break down how long to spend on each step). 

Six Hour Syllabus is currently CLOSED as we make a series of exciting updates to the course.

add your name to the wait list to be notified when it re-opens!


Maybe you’ve created a course or group already, maybe not. Either way, I’m guessing you are here because you’re in total confusion about what makes a course great. Luckily, science is on your side. Six Hour Syllabus uses decades of research on learning, retention, and engagement – packaged in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process you’ll keep using forever.

You’ve got overwhelm, I’ve got structure.

Building a course feels like a massive undertaking. Whether you’re a full-time biz owner, or still working that day job – I can almost guarantee that your procrastination is coming from not having a clear and simple plan. Six Hour Syllabus isn’t just a course – it’s a full workshop where you’ll DO the process of course design during each module. Bye bye procrastination, hello strategic action!

You’ve got inspiration, I’ve got a way to make it happen.

I’m not going to make any decisions for you in this course. YOU are the CEO of this business, after all. It’s your vision, and your instincts that matter. Six Hour Syllabus is here to provide you with rubrics, resources, and support to make those tricky course decisions – so you can feel confident and clear about what you’re creating, and why you built it that way.

"I knew I was sitting on a brilliant course idea but I was totally overwhelmed and stuck on where to start."

In the past, I’ve spent money on courses that, from a learning perspective, weren’t great fits for me (ie: boring, hard to absorb, or difficult to apply)… and I rarely completed them. I wanted my course to be different – to be fun, stupid helpful, and to literally change lives. This is what Six Hour Syllabus helped me create. Karin is an expert, like a literal doctor, in curriculum design. I have the perfect foundation (that I can use repeatedly!) for my course and I know EXACTLY what to do. I also know it will get results for my clients. If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, let this be the permission you need. You won’t regret it, and neither will any of the people who take your future-course. Thanks, Karin!

- Rose Watson

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. The Six Hour Syllabus can be used to create curriculum for ANY educational material (freebie, 1:1, group program, challenge, etc). Here’s what one of our graduates had to say about that experience: “I realized that I had never really defined a clear tangible outcome (I see very different clients, with different needs). I expected my clients to understand and implement right away. And with all the resources provided, it’s going to be very helpful to work on the PRACTICE portion more, and I know that’s going to help my clients a lot.”

No. You can attend office hours and ask questions, but I don’t specifically LOOK at anyone’s materials within SHS. 

Nope! Six Hour Syllabus is a completely self-led course and you have lifetime access. That means you can buy it and wait to work on it, buy it and work on it for a while and then come back, etc. I consistently have SHS graduates tell me they return to the modules and Ultimate Course Builder anytime they build curriculum!

No. I want to be very clear that this course takes you through the PLANNING process for a course. You’ll have a crystal-clear roadmap for how to get to “course is done.” You’ll know what to put in each module, what resources need to be created to scaffold learning, and you’ll even know how long those things will take YOU to complete. Then, it’s up to you to follow the plan. There isn’t any possible way someone can create all the materials for a good quality course in six hours.

Karin does not currently take on 1:1 clients, but you can join Change Academy PRO if you’d like to be in a mentorship capacity. If you’re a company looking for course consulting and review, Karin’s hourly rate is $750, with a 2 hour minimum required for any project. You can contact her at karin@bodybrainalliance.com if you’d like to set this up. 


Karin’s teaching style makes it SO easy to learn all of the concepts around great course design because she keeps it fun and keeps you engaged the entire time. And the way she’s structured this course makes building out your own course framework effortless.

In six hours, I’ve gotten more clarity on what I want to teach my clients and how I want to present the information that I have in the last 3 months working on this material by myself.

- Sarah Tierney

Your curriculum journey

through BBA

First, you join Six Hour Syllabus…

  • This is a SELF-led course…
  • That teaches you the FUNDAMENTALS of evidence-based program creation…
  • You DESIGN your entire curriculum in 6 hours or less, and…
  • You walk out with the Ultimate Course Builder, a beautiful spreadsheet map of EVERY piece of content in your course, what it does for your learners, and how long it will take you to make it.
  • Currently closed, join the wait list above!

Then, you’re eligible to apply for Syllabus to Sold…

  • 12-week group program…
  • Which combines behavior change techniques for entrepreneurs with launch psychology and curriculum design..
  • While surrounding you with a community of other entrepreneurs and friends who are experiencing the EXACT same procrastination, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, and fear as you.
  • But don’t worry – we coach on ALL that stuff, and I HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to actually LAUNCHING your course during week 12 of the program.