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How to Stay Calm When Life Gets Chaotic 

If things have been feeling especially crazy or chaotic for you lately, this blog is for you. 



Hi, my name is Katherine Webster, and I’m an assistant coach at Body Brain Alliance. I have moved seven times in the last four years, so I know a thing or two about chaos. 



When circumstances are changing so quickly and life is coming at you fast, it can really do a number on pretty much everything…



Your relationships, routines, overall sense of self, and sense of place. 



You get the picture.


Today we’re going to talk about 4 tips to help you stay calm in the midst of chaos. 



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 Let’s get into it. 


Tip #1: Remember The Things That Make You Feel Connected To Yourself


What are the things that make you feel more like you? Is that going for a walk, connecting to your breath, keeping your favorite snacks in the house or watching your favorite TV show?


Doing things that make you feel like you will help you retain your overall sense of self. 


This is going to promote feelings of groundedness, presence, and peacefulness that are so important when things get crazy. 


Tip #2: Find Ways To Increase Support 

Big life transitions or changing circumstances can cause a lot of stress, and the common wisdom is to simply reduce stress. But that’s not always helpful when the things that are changing are largely outside of our control. 


Instead, try acknowledging that your stress has increased and ask yourself how you might be able to increase support to match, even temporarily. 


For instance, you might not have the budget to have groceries delivered to your house every single month, but what about for a month or two while you’re in the midst of all this hecticness? 


Or if there is a task you’ve been putting off…


What would it be like to have a friend come over for a power hour where both of you work on stuff you need to get done?


When looking for ways to increase support, ask yourself: 


“What are some things I could ask for, pay for, or coordinate to make one thing a little easier for myself?”

Tip #3: Focus On What You Can Control

One aspect of changing circumstances that can feel so stressful is just the feeling of being out of control. 


So yes, your circumstances can change, but you get to decide how you show up for yourself in the meantime. 


Now, this doesn’t have to be anything crazy. 


This could look like making one value-based decision or incorporating one tiny action, which leads me to my fourth and final point. 


Tip #4: Make Note Of What Tiny Actions Make The Biggest Difference


You want to look for things that are low commitment, high impact. 


So what are some things you can do in five minutes or less that make you feel way better?


Is that making your bed, unloading the dishwasher, meditating, doing a two minute tidy before you go to sleep over the next week or two? 


I want you to try taking note of the things you can do that are really tiny, but that make a really BIG impact on how you show up for yourself throughout the day. 


In Conclusion: 

If you are feeling like your life has been chaotic lately and you’re still feeling like you don’t know where to start…


Tell us about it in the comments below and we’ll give you a piece of advice. 

At Body Brain Alliance, we are here to support and guide you through this change journey. 


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See you in the next blog!


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