• You've got an idea for a course, but you're stuck on how to make it happen

  • You're a good coach, but you feel like your teaching skills could use an upgrade

  • There's a google doc somewhere full of ideas, but you get lost every time you try to actually start the creation process

  • You're feeling frustrated and stuck in your business, even though you have big dreams of it growing & thriving


  • You could feel confident that you create high-quality educational materials that IMPACT in your clients' lives...

  • You had total clarity on WHAT to teach and HOW to teach it (and you got that clarity through a well-researched, templated, simple step-by-step process)...

  • You could access the WEALTH of curriculum design knowledge that exists in this world... without having to wade through google scholar or read a $900 educational psychology text book...

  • And you could establish ALL of that clarity, confidence, and competence... (without feeling overwhelmed)...


Here's what people are saying about Six Hour Syllabus:

"I highly recommend this course for anyone that is in the coaching world. What you get out of it for the time spent is a no brainer!"

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you're excited to create a course,

but you've been procrastinating because

you feel like you just don't know how to do it well.

Hi, I'm Karin.

I'm a PhD level expert in teaching adult learners,

an online course enthusiast,

and a google spreadsheet ninja.

And I'm here to give you everything you need to build your amazing, educationally-sound, evidence-driven first course...

... in six hours or less.

If that's you, let me introduce you to your new best friend..


Where you'll learn the six step process to build the blueprint for your very first curriculum.


or 3 monthly payments of $179


If you don't know what a learning objective is, don't worry... you'll learn that, too.

You'll finish the course with a complete map of exactly WHAT you'll teach

You'll understand the Reverse Course Design process and be ready to teach (not just coach)

You'll feel 100% confident that you're doing it right

(and it will SHOW in your launch marketing)

You'll learn, master, and actually DO my super simple & repeatable course creation process

"I figured the Six Hour Syllabus course was going to be good.

But I didn't think it would be THIS good.

Karin's teaching style makes it SO easy to learn all of the concepts around great course design because she keeps it fun and keeps you engaged the entire time. And the way she's structured this course makes building out your own course framework effortless.

In six hours, I've gotten more clarity on what I want to teach my clients and how I want to present the information that I have in the last 3 months working on this material by myself."

Six Hour Syllabus Graduate


Six quick & powerful curriculum design trainings

The Ultimate Course Planner done-for-you template

A chance to actually watch an expert design a course

Fillable application PDFs for each concept

Ready-to-go Pre and post-course assessments (get those amazing testimonials!)

A mini mindset intervention (designed by a published mindset theory author)

Access to six weeks of Karin's "office hours" to get clarity if you're feeling stuck

And you're getting ALL of that for $449*

*payment plans available

Curious what our graduates say about this investment?

"I'm so glad I took this course!"

"The six hour syllabus course helped me feel much more confident in my ability to deliver a quality online course that deliver top notch information that my clients can really benefit from"

"I highly recommend this course for anyone that is in the coaching world. What you get out of it for the time spent is a no brainer!"


Can SHS be used to build a 1:1 coaching curriculum?

Absolutely. The Six Hour Syllabus can be used to create curriculum for ANY educational material (freebie, 1:1, group program, challenge, etc).

Here's what one of our graduates had to say about that experience:

"I realized that I had never really defined a clear tangible outcome (I see very different clients, with different needs). I expected my clients to understand and implement right away. And with all the resources provided, it's going to be very helpful to work on the PRACTICE portion more, and I know that's going to help my clients a lot."

Will my course be ready for students when the I'm done with SHS?

No. I want to be very clear that this course takes you through the PLANNING process for a course. You'll have a crystal-clear roadmap for how to get to launch point. You'll know what to put in each module, what resources need to be created to scaffold learning, and you'll even know how long those things will take YOU to complete. Then, it's up to you to follow the plan.

There isn't any possible way someone can create all the materials for a good quality course in six hours.

Will I get feedback from you on my course outline?

There are two options for getting my eyeballs and design knowledge on your course. First, you can attend the (free) office hours that you have access to for the first six weeks after launch. Office hours are great for quick questions, really specific feedback on ONE course element, and gaining some tips & tricks.

However, when you complete the course, you'll get a top-secret email from me that let's you know how you can book (and pay #transparency) for 1:1 time with me. I don't offer this to ANYONE who hasn't completed 100% of the course.

Why only office hour access for six weeks? Do I have access to the course after that?

Because it motivates you to SHOW UP and GET IT DONE. This also ensures that office hours don't get too crowded from more than 1 cohort of students being in the course at a time. (But don't worry - you'll have access to the actual COURSE forever).

Got more questions that weren't answered here?

Email me at

And just in case you're asking...


Hi, I'm Karin!

Technically, I'm Dr. Karin Nordin.

I'm a full-time curriculum strategist for a large nutrition coaching company & a PhD specializing in adult learning & behavior change.

When I jumped off the academic train and dodged my destiny of doing basic course design at the University level, it was for a clear and powerful reason.

The information I found in the coaching space was ten times more powerful than what I had found at colleges & universities.

The problem? It wasn't being taught well. There were so many brilliant, interesting, phenomenal coaches out there (who had great ideas, and interesting course concepts)...

But they weren't teachers, they were coaches.

And they were missing key information about how ADULTS actually learn.

I'm on a mission to fix that.

Are you in?

What the heck are you doing down here? Checking to make sure you didn't miss anything?

(Sounds like something I would do... read ALL the information)

Sometimes, it's not information we need.