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Happy, happy Friday, y’all. Welcome to this episode of the work of becoming Podcast. Today I want to talk to you about the last lesson in this mini series of things that I have learned or noticed about behavior change in my first 29 years of life. And this lesson is sort of like a a tenant that I hold in my life. It’s not a rule, I would say, but it’s something that I think about often and then that I tried to follow. And it is this, do your best to take an action that embodies your future self, within the 30 minutes within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. Okay, I’ll say that one more time, within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning, do your best to take an action that embodies your future self. Okay. Now, I want to be really clear, I have read a lot of research about mornings and I have not found evidence out there that supports this. This is an anecdotal observation that I have made about my own life. Okay. But I want to tell you about it today, because it has made a huge difference for me. So if you rewind back, many, many, many years, I have always struggled with getting up in the morning, always. In high school, my mom was always having to like, drag me out of bed. In college, I actually almost failed a class and I was actually put on academic probation because I kept skipping this 8am class. And so I got a really bad grade and it and it wasn’t until really my master’s degree and really my PhD, where I started to figure out mornings, I knew that for me, it felt really good to wake up early. I believe that generally waking up early as overly got glamorized in today’s society, I don’t believe it’s morally better. But for me, personally, I know that, for my mental health, it’s really important, but I’ve always struggled with it. And the shift really happened for me during my PhD, when I stopped trying to follow all of these, like, bullshit, Miracle Morning, do these exact five steps, yada, yada, and started asking myself what my future self actually did each morning, and how I could serve her how I could show myself within the first 30 minutes of each day that I was dedicated to myself, right. And so before, I was literally doing the like, Get up, read 10 pages of a self development book, meditate for five minutes, do a jumping, Jack, chug, chug a green juice, like I had these, like, overly perfectionistic ideas of what a morning routine had to look like. And as I was learning about behavior change in my PhD, and as I was, like, kind of evolving based on that, I started to think to myself, like, Okay, wait, what do I actually want my morning to look like? And I realized that, for me, my future self needed quiet, she needed time in her own head to process her own thoughts. And so I started this tradition, where I would get up and instead of trying to like, actually, like, start a routine, immediately, I gave myself this 30 minute buffer period. So I would wake up at like, 7am. And from seven to 730, I gave myself a 30 minute buffer period, where I drank coffee, and I did nothing, or worse, I scrolled on my phone. And to this day, that’s pretty much what I do. I wake up, I make coffee,
and I sit on the couch, or lately, I’ve been trying to sit outside, and I scroll on my phone. And a previous version of me that was obsessed with perfectionistic screenless, green juice push up mornings, would be horrified by this, right. But for me,

what that does is it gives me time to process and to wake up and to take an action that is dedicated to me. And I know what you’re thinking, like, Karen, like is scrolling on your phone really? Like is it really helping you? Yes, it absolutely is. Because that 30 minutes that I spend every morning gives me so much peace. And I know that peace is one of my core for quality is that my future self embodies on a daily basis. So I’m going to wrap this up. But that is my lesson for you today is I would encourage you to think about how can you do something nice for yourself within the first 30 minutes of your day? How can you take an action within the first 30 minutes of your day that helps you embody the qualities that your future self has. By the way if you’re unsure what qualities your future self has We have a future self mapping freebie on our website body brain alliance.com that you can check out. Okay. The last thing I will say is this, our very last birthday sale is that today, until midnight tonight, my meaningful mornings course is on sale for $28 instead of $37. Or actually, I think it’s $29 Sorry. And that course is a combination of the evidence and science surrounding mornings, waking up and habit formation and my sort of personal experience as a person who really, really struggled to get up in the morning. It is very mindset focused, it is more of a choose your own adventure. And the course really helps you leverage psychology and leverage my management tools to actually build a morning experience that you love. And I call it a morning experience and not a morning routine. Because for a lot of people the word routine, insinuates like structure and rigidity. And I think your morning experience should be something that truly works for you. So that is on sale until the end of the day. You can get all the information on my Instagram along with the discount code that you’ll need. Other than that, I will see you all next week. As a reminder episodes are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If you have requests feel free to DM me on Instagram. As always remember to rate and review the podcast and submit for our giveaway before the end of the night tonight. That’s all I got. I will talk to you in the next episode.

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