"I know what to do...
I just don't actually do it."

Sound familiar? Let’s close that gap.

Let's talk about you, for a minute.

  • You know you’re living a pretty decent life… but you still have a laundry list of behaviors, habits, and qualities that you want to change.
  • You probably know exactly WHAT to do to be your healthiest, happiest self… you just can’t get yourself to actually do it.
  • Consistency is simultaneously your biggest obsession… and your biggest frustration.
  • Everything you’re struggling with feels somehow tied together, whether it’s emotional eating or productivity or time management or getting to the damn gym.
  • You are so DAMN tired of the spinach wilting in the fridge, the days feeling hectic yet somehow unproductive, and the gap between your plans and your actions growing bigger and bigger.
  • You just want to set a goal, and follow through, for once.

Do me a favor and let’s dig into your growth mindset.

I want to get REALLY clear that it’s 100%, totally possible for you to…

  • Set a goal, make a plan to achieve that goal, and yes, follow that plan.
  • Build your executive function (AKA willpower) so doing the things you want to do isn’t always such a fight.
  • Establish a high level of skill around consistency so you can finally see the amazing impact of all those behaviors you currently only sometimes do.
  • Drop perfectionism, lose procrastination, and get the stuff that matters actually done.
But you need to stop procrasti-learning.

Put down the self-help books and the new planners, and invest in something that will hold you ACCOUNTABLE to becoming your future self.

If you’re wondering…
“What does that even look like?”

In the Body Brain Alliance coaching program, it looks like this:

1. We book your future Self Session

We start with a 30-minute 1:1 meeting between you and your coach, where you set a goal and get 100% clear on who you’re becoming in the next 3-6 months.

2. You fill out a customized daily tracker

Evidence supports the idea that reflection is a POWERFUL catalyst of change. We ask you to reflect daily on what went well, what you learned, and then game plan for tomorrow.

3. You’ll have weekly or bi-weekly contact with your coach

You’ll fill out a detailed review of your week, and get feedback, coaching, and support on whatever YOU are going through & working towards.

4. You’ll be assigned evidence-based curriculum between each check-in

From cognitive flexibility to time blocking to gym adherence, if you’re struggling with it, we’ve got science & education on it. You’ll be matched with an activity each week that is tailored to YOUR personal growth.

You’ve got a budget,
so we’ve got options.

We know different folks appreciate different levels and styles of support. To accommodate, we have three different “tiers” of coaching for you to choose from! And if you’re feeling torn, don’t worry – you can select more than one on the application form, and we’ll choose for you based on your application and where we think you’ll thrive.

Transparency note: Beginning October 1st our prices will increase. Anyone who joins before October 1st will lock in current prices for the entire duration of their coaching journey with us.

Alliance Light

Bi-weekly check-ins
$145 / month or less
minimum commitment is 3 months

Alliance Plus

Weekly check-ins*

(*most popular)

$245 / month or less
minimum commitment is 3 months

Alliance VIP

Weekly live calls 
$445 / month or less
minimum commitment is 3 months

our coaching tiers...

Not sure if you're ready for coaching?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! If you’re a business owner, you’re welcome to apply to coaching. We can coach you on your BEHAVIOR – time management, productivity, etc, etc. However, we cannot coach you on business strategy or curriculum design within the program.

We do the client-coach matching on our end for a few reasons. We review all applications as an entire coaching staff, and have a conversation about who feels they could help that person the most. Since we have a diverse staff with a wide variety of experiences and specialities, this helps us make sure we’re pairing you with the coach that is best for what you’re looking to change.

The short answer here is – we’re interested in your behavior. Your tangible, measurable, observable behavior. This is KEY, because while “life coaching” or “mindset coaching” can feel fairly ambiguous, behavior change coaching allows us to narrow in on the specific and tangible changes YOU want to see. Do those changes have to be health related? Nope! (Although, we would argue that things like stress, productivity, goal-setting and time management all DO deeply relate & impact your health).

We do NOT accept everyone. The primary reasons we reject applicants are… 
1] We don’t feel like behavior change coaching is a good fit, and may recommend or refer you to another provider (therapist, nutrition coach, business coach, etc).
2] Your application responses seem rushed, short, or you don’t answer questions fully and completely. We are only looking for clients who are 100% willing to take responsibility for their own change process. We cannot change your behavior for you, so we are looking for a sense of autonomy, direction, and responsibility in your application.

As soon as you apply, you’ll get a confirmation email letting you know that we received your application. We meet as a coaching staff to review applications on Fridays. Right now, we do have a wait list, so you may not hear from us for 2-3 weeks. If you’re accepted, you’ll get another email with instructions on how to start the onboarding process.

The minimum commitment is three months, which is the literal bare MINIMUM it would take to see genuine behavior change that is sustainable. Our clients renew at an extremely high rate, with most clients staying for at least 6 months because they are seeing genuine shifts in their lives from coaching. This is a good thing – but we want to be honest that this is NOT a short process, and there are no quick or instant results here.

Meet the coaches

Meet Karin

Big Brain, Curriculum Director

Hey everybody, I’m Karin! I’m the face of this business, so I’m guessing you recognize me (LOL), and I’m also the BRAIN behind the curriculum here in Alliance Coaching.

About a year ago I realized there was a HUGE gap. The world is totally overloaded with self-help books, courses, and e-books… but what’s missing? Something that helps us actually IMPLEMENT. Something that closes the gap between “I know what to do” and “I actually do it.”

So, I created it.

I built an entire library of trainings on evidence-based behavior change techniques — but with reflection questions, application tools, and activities to help you ACTUALLY implement them.

Then, I created a coaching program — where you’re not only paired with an amazing coach (me or Katherine) who helps guide & support you on your journey to your goals, but your coach USES that giant library I created and picks tailored activities for you EACH and every week.

I can’t wait to see your application!

Meet Jimena

Alliance Coach

Hey everyone! My name is Jimena (Jime for short), and I am an Assistant Coach for Body Brain Alliance! I have been a coach for more than 7 years, I am bilingual and I work with clients in English and Spanish.

My passion for coaching began many years ago, after I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and realized that I needed a lifestyle change. I went from chronic dieter who was “not into sports” to gym goer, turned CrossFit enthusiast, turned competitive CrossFit athlete, turned lover of all forms of movement. My passion for coaching was born from the challenges I faced in changing my own lifestyle and the type of support I wish I had along that journey.

I’m a CrossFit coach, a Certified Nutrition coach, a Certified Health Mindset coach, and I am currently working on my degree as a Registered Dietitian. I have worked with hundreds of clients from different backgrounds and with different goals, and I have a passion for helping people develop their own systems and find the best way to pursue their goals based on their uniqueness.

I have experienced and became familiar, first hand and then as a coach, with a number of the mental roadblocks and setbacks that come with behavior change. Being able to work with my clients on those roadblocks, and developing a partnership that they can lean on while simultaneously having enough independence and support is hands down the best part of my job. I was a client at Body Brain Alliance before becoming a part of the coaching team, and the experience has been transformative at a personal and professional level.

Meet Lilly

Alliance Coach

Hi everyone!

My name is Lilly and I am an Assistant Coach for Body Brain Alliance! I have a bachelors in Exercise Science and Masters in Public Health. I also hold certifications in nutrition, exercise physiology and am a board certified health coach.

I have been coaching for 6 years and have worked both virtually and in the corporate space with various populations across different ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels.

I have a strong belief that coaching relationships are collaborative, and I love to help you find ways to build long term sustainable lifestyle changes. I can’t wait to work with you!

Not sure if you're ready for coaching?

Try our FREE Future Self Mapping guide and get to know your 2.0 self.