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How to Build Confidence (Scientifically)

When we talk about goals, pursuing big scary things, changing our life, or acting in new ways… 


All of those things can be really terrifying. 


One question we get a lot as behavior change coaches is, “How do I be confident enough in order to take that leap?” 


Hi, my name is Dr. Karin Nordin. I’m a PhD level expert in all things behavior change and mindset. If you are hoping to make tangible changes in your life, you’re in the right place. 


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Let’s dive in and talk about how confidence is built (scientifically). 


Let’s pretend that you want to quit your job and start an entirely new career.


My first question for you would be: 

      • On a scale of 1-10, how confident are you about that? 

    Say you tell me you’re at a confidence level 1, I would then ask you: 

        • How confident do you feel you need to be in order to quit your job? 

      If you thought you needed to be at a confidence level 10 in order to quit your job, that’s cool, but  here’s what I want you to know…


      You think you need to develop this confidence in order to take the action, but in reality, you need to take the action in order to develop this confidence. 

      Confidence is a byproduct of taking action that scares you, not something that creates that action in the first place. 


      Moving from level 1 to level 10 of confidence can be an incredibly challenging journey.


      In this blog, you’ll discover a powerful concept known as self-efficacy, which is the belief in your ability to perform a particular action successfully.


      To boost your confidence effectively, I encourage you to take the leap you desire and expand it into a broader spectrum. 


      Let’s explore this idea in more detail.

      Okay, so there are 5 Confidence Levels we’re going to address:

      Confidence Levels 1, 3, 5, 7, & 10.


      If you’re at a confidence level 1, ask yourself these questions: 


          • What is it that would make me feel slightly more confident? 

          • What actions does that slightly more confident person take? 

          • How does that person dress? 

          • What does she think about? 

          • What decisions does that person make? 

        So for example, if you were slightly more confident about the fact that you’re going to quit your job someday soon, maybe you would update your resume. This doesn’t mean you’re quitting your job. You don’t even need to have confidence about that. 


        It’s simply asking yourself to move towards the next version of where you want to be. 


        So after you take that action and update your resume, I want you to wait 24 hours. Notice how when all of a sudden because you took action, you will likely feel a bit more confident. 

        Then you’re going to do the same thing.


        You’re going to ask yourself, “Okay, I have a resume prepped. I feel at a confidence level 3… What might make me feel at a confidence level 5?”


        Maybe the level 5 version of yourself has 2-3 conversations with people in your network about possible future careers that are totally different. 


        So suddenly you reach out to three friends and you do some informational interviews… Now you’ve taken another action step so you’re feeling a lot more confident!


        This continues until eventually, you get to the point where you know the next logical leap is to quit your job. 


        At this point, you’re still going to feel scared, or question it working out, but you are going to know how to take the next step because you’ve been through this process.

        Now, this type of confidence building is science-based, and it works for things beyond simply job hopping. 


        Let’s say that you want to be more confident with public speaking or growing your online business, or maybe even you want to be more confident in the gym. 


        Ask yourself: 


            • What is the next level of confidence I need to get to?

            • And if I was that confident, how would I act? 

            • What actions would I take from that place as that person? 

          Take Action Today: 

          In the comments section below… 


          Share ONE area where you’re hoping to gain confidence, and what are you going to do to get to that next level?

          Seek Further Guidance: 

          If you’re feeling uncertain about maybe a big project or goal that you need to break down a little and you’re struggling on how to break it down into these steps… 


          I highly recommend watching this video HERE. It’s all about how to break down your goals into something that’s actually achievable. 


          If you’re still struggling to break down your goals or need personalized guidance, consider exploring our Change Academy membership. It provides you with access to expert coaching and tailored advice to help you overcome your unique challenges.


          Building confidence is a gradual process rooted in taking action. By embracing this science-based approach, you can gain the confidence needed to pursue your most significant life goals. 


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