welcome to

change academy!

You’ve just done a SUPER cool thing and committed to giving your brain and body some support

THANK YOU for trusting us to be a part of your behavior change journey, and we can’t wait to see and hear about all the #braingainz you develop while inside the academy.

Make sure you read the email you should be receiving in the next few minutes, and scroll through the info below!

change academy has two parts:

the portal

First, we have a learning portal. 

(You got access to it just now when you signed up). 

This is where you’ll login to see ALL the workshop recordings & resources you have access to. As a reminder, you get access to a new workshop each month as an academy member.  

the community

Second, we have a community space.

We suggest checking this community space 1X per week at minimum. This is where ALL event & live workshop details are located. We have channels where you can meet people working on similar change issues, bonus education, and tons of extra fun prompts & resources. 

all the cool shit INSIDE:


Towards the beginning of the month, we host an AMAZING and highly interactive 1.5 hour workshop. During the workshop, we teach you about the SCIENCE behind whatever change topic we’re focusing on that month. You’ll get the replay & keep it forever, even if you leave the academy. 


Within our community space, there’s a “ask a coach” channel. You are able to anonymously submit a question, struggle, or anything you need coaching on throughout the month. One of our BBA coaches will reply within 1 week, and give you a PERSONALIZED response & coaching on what you’re working through!


Throughout the month, inside our community, we’ll drip additional resources that correspond with the theme. This might be reflection questions or journal prompts, templates or tools, etc. We also host accountability events that you can join for extra support, like “study with me” and “tidy with me.”


We are CONSTANTLY adding features & improving our academy experience, so if you have a suggestion, let us know!


Change Academy is FREE to all members of our Alliance Coaching program.

You might want to consider coaching IF…

  • You thrive in environments where you have external accountability and support.
  • You’re seeking radical self-transformation and want to TRULY step into a new version of you.
  • You’re working on self-compassion and would benefit from seeing someone model what it’s like to be neutral & compassionate about your behavior. 
  • You’ve set a big scary goal and want to provide your future self some solid support in the hard times. 

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