You might be used to toxic personal development.

but here, we do self-help without self-hate
(Let's build a map between the 1.0 and 2.0 version of you)
You'll start with our "Work Of Becoming" Masterclass.

This totally free resource guides you through our signature Compassion-First Change framework. 

  • You’ll cultivate AWARENESS of exactly WHO you are becoming by developing a set of “core four” values and behaviors. 

  • You’ll lean into ACCEPTANCE of where you are now by adopting a skill-focused mindset.

  • You’ll learn about evidence-based ADJUSTMENTS that you can make to your process. (In other words, you’ll figure out what’s blocked you from change in the past & how to bust through those obstacles).

  • And, you’ll make a 90-day ACTION plan filled with small, do-able ways to become that next version of you. 
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Once you know where you’re going, you need the MENTAL SKILL to get there. 


  • Every Tuesday, we send an email that covers a different scientific change tool. 

  • We’ve covered things like: cue-based planning, urge surfing, ripple prioritization, the fresh start effect, awareness training, meta-motivational regulation. 

  • (If none of those terms sound familiar to you, don’t worry, they’re new to pretty much everyone who doesn’t have a behavior change PhD. They are REAL psychological skills and techniques that have been studied for years, and we teach you exactly how to implement them). 

  • You’ll learn something new and concrete to apply and play with every week!



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