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Six Hour Syllabus!

This is our INTRODUCTION to educational psychology and adult learning science. It has a pretty clear takeaway…


You’ll create your first curriculum in six hours or less. 


What’s a curriculum? A curriculum is a structured piece of educational material — so if you want your approach to courses, group programs, 1:1 resources, or even freebies & email sequences to be SCIENCE-BACKED and make a TRUE impact on your learners… look no further. 


PS: Make sure you use code “FRAMEWORK” to get your discount!

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Change Academy PRO

Are you a coach?


Are you looking to uplevel the ways you use behavior change with your clients AND as a tool to grow your business?


Academy PRO is a low-cost ($125 per month) business mentorship which includes two monthly mastermind-style group calls, additional resources you can use with clients, AND access to our Change Academy membership.