Your certification taught you
how to coach...

are you ready to learn
how to teach?

raise your hand if...

You’re a coach or business owner dedicated to serving your clients in life-changing ways. 

You’re short on time and you’re looking for a way to maximize your impact and spread your knowledge fast.

You’re curious about designing a course, group program, or curriculum… but it feels overwhelming and confusing.

You’re looking for education on how actually BUILD high-quality educational products, not just how to sell them.

let me introduce

your ticket from procrastination to profit....

six hour syllabus

let's get clear:

this is a self-paced course

It will take you less than 6 hours to go through, from start to finish. (If you're a course purchaser but not a course finisher, don't worry... this was designed for you).

that teaches you educational psychology

From student engagement strategies to scaffolding information, this course covers PhD level concepts YOU need to know... but at an 8th grade reading level.

& you'll walk away with a plan

This is not a course where I just GIVE you information. You'll use my "Ultimate Course Builder" tool to actually PLAN your course or curriculum as you go.

shs is jam-packed with everything you need...