Episode 2: Recklessly Optimistic Until Proven Otherwise


Tue, 8/16 9:41AM 6:22
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Hello, hello, my friends and welcome to episode two of the work of becoming podcast, quick business item before we jump into this week, so this week, I am releasing a five minute episode every single day as a way to launch the podcast and give you all a preview of what is to come. In the future. We will be launching episodes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays until I decide otherwise, which I’m sure at some point I will change things up. But we’re starting it off, we’re doing it messy. And so that is the schedule for the time being, you can always find our podcast transcripts at buddy brain alliance.com/blog, I believe very heavily in accessibility. And so we will always have those transcripts available. And I wanted to remind you that we are doing a little giveaway. So all you have to do is you have to comment on my original podcast post, you have to share that post or you have to rate and review the podcast. And then you submit a little form that’s linked in my bio, and I will link it in the show notes as well. That just says that you did those things so that we can keep track. So if you are loving what you’ve heard so far, or you’re excited about it, please please, please do enter that giveaway because we are giving away a lifetime membership to change Academy.

All right, let’s dig into things. Today. What I want to talk to you about is one of my personal mantras, and a lesson that I’ve learned in my first 29 years of life. So when I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about for this podcast, I knew for the first couple of episodes, since we are launching after my birthday, I wanted to really think about the most important lessons that I’ve learned about change. And besides the work of becoming one of my other playlists on Spotify, and one of my other kind of mantras or go twos that has carried me through life is the phrase be recklessly optimistic until proven otherwise. And I want to talk about that for a minute. Because I am very much not in the camp of toxic positivity, right? I don’t believe that being positive or thinking happy thoughts all the time is necessarily helpful for us as human beings. However, I think positivity is slightly different than optimism. And I want to talk about a cognitive bias that we can have as humans called fortune telling. So one of the things that we do as humans is we believe that we can predict the future, we believe that we can see into the future. And we for sure know that something is going to happen a particular way based on our past experiences. So for example, you might say, Oh, I know this, this habit I’m going to pick up it’s going to be just like that last habit that I picked up and I’m going to be great for a week, and then I’m going to drop off. Or let’s say it’s like the holidays, and you know that you don’t eat the
way you want to eat. When you’re away on holiday, maybe you’ll say to yourself, like I know, I’m gonna get screwed over I know this is going to happen. So that is actually something called a cognitive distortion, which is really like an error that our brains algorithm makes. And that particular cognitive distortion, fortune telling can really mess with us because it essentially creates a self fulfilling prophecy. So if you go into a situation thinking, I know for sure this is going to go poorly, your brain is going to scan your environment and pay attention to what’s happening. And it’s going to focus the most of its attention on reinforcing what you already believe, okay? When you walk into a situation and you’re looking for something to go wrong, you are more likely to spot the little things that go wrong. It’s the same thing as if, like I were to send you into the room. And before I were to prime you and say like, Hey, I want you to pay attention to the color red, you would walk into that room and immediately see way more red than you would have if I didn’t give you that primate. Okay. And so that going back to what I was first talking about, is why I choose to be recklessly optimistic until proven otherwise. Now that doesn’t mean I don’t anticipate obstacles. Obviously, that’s something we talk about a lot in coaching. That doesn’t mean that I don’t plan realistically or compassionately. But it does mean I do my best to enter every situation believing that the outcome that I want as possible. And the thing about belief, which I’ll talk about on another episode is that belief is a practice. It’s not just you automatically believe believe something or you don’t if you want to adopt a new belief you have to practice sit very strategically. So as you go about your day today, I encourage you to practice or try on the idea of being recklessly optimistic until proven otherwise. When your brain wants to say what if it all goes wrong? I want you to do the opposite. What if and I want you to ask yourself, What if it all goes right? That is what I’ve got for you today. Last quick business item. If you are a change Academy member, today, the vault opens. So if you are a person interested in change, I have been doing one and a half hour science based workshops on a variety of topics since December. If you are a change Academy member or you want to join change Academy, those are now available for purchase. Through change Academy. There’s workshops on how to follow through there’s workshops on self regulation, time management, all of these sort of concrete skills I talk about in my post. I’ve done these in depth deep dive workshops since the beginning of change Academy and we are selling them individually to change Academy members. The Vault is only open until Friday at midnight, so make sure you don’t miss out on that. Otherwise I will see you all back here tomorrow for the next episode. Thank you for being here. rate and review and I will see you tomorrow.

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