Episode 86: Your Client’s First Purchase

You’re listening to The Work Of Becoming podcast! My name is Dr. Karin Nordin. I am your host as well as a behavior change expert and self-proclaimed tornado girl. I spent years of my life struggling to change before I finally got my PhD and learned the psychological tools that I needed to actually make those changes happen. Now, I’m bringing you five-minute sneak peeks of how I’m applying the real science of self-help to my life. Let’s get started!

All right, friends. Today is going to be more of a business-focused episode, and I’m gonna talk a little bit about your client’s first purchase and our client’s first purchase with Body Brain Alliance.

So, what we know from our data is that 85% of people who purchase one thing from us end up purchasing more than one thing from us. So, if they purchase our Meaningful Mornings course, they’re very, very likely to purchase Change Academy. If they purchase Change Academy for a number of months, they become more and more likely to enroll in Alliance Coaching. If they purchase a quarterly webinar, they are more than likely going to do something else on our curriculum side of things.

One of our kind of unique struggles as a business — I wouldn’t say struggles, but I would say challenges as a business is that there’s so much bullshit self-help out there that people are really hesitant to buy in, and honestly, I don’t blame them! I, myself, am a person who — I’ve bought so many books, I’ve bought so many programs, I’ve bought so many things that just didn’t help or regurgitated the same old same old information over and over again that when I look at something new, there is a lot of hesitation of is this actually going to help.

But what I know is that our paradigm and our approach to self-help is so different than anything else out there. It’s so much more evidence based. It’s so much more compassionate-focused, which is why when people join our Meaningful Mornings course, they are way, way, way more likely to do everything else in our offer suite because that shows them, “Hey, we are not run-of-the-mill-self-help.” They’re able to see and actually experience change in their lives based on our teachings and then, of course, they want to invest in everything else.

So, the hurdle for us as a business is to get people to make their very first purchase. If you are an entrepreneur listening to this episode, if you’re a coach listening to this episode, I encourage you to look at whether or not that is a hurdle for you. So, go into Stripe and look at your customers (or whatever you use for payment), and figure out do people who buy one thing from me end up buying more than one thing from me. Do I think that there is a hurdle in terms of people making their first investment in me as a business. And if you think that’s true, one of the things that we are working on at BBA that has been working a lot is making that first purchase into an extremely low-stakes offer or commitment.

So, this is where Meaningful Mornings, being a mini course, comes in. It is completely evergreen, so it’s available anytime, and it’s pure profit for us, so it really doesn’t matter whether we sell Meaningful Mornings or not. If we do, great, awesome, it’s extra profit, but it doesn’t cost us anything to maintain. However, what we figured out recently is that, to back up, before, when people did our freebie or when they joined our email list, we were really pushing them towards Change Academy because that’s ultimately the offer we think is gonna impact the most people. That’s where we want people to be. Recently though, we’ve kind of done some market research and people are very hesitant to join a membership because they know they’re gonna get charged every single month. They know they might forget about it. They have a lot of hesitations: “Am I actually gonna use this,” that kind of thing. There are a lot less objections for a one-time course than there are for a membership like Change Academy.

So, we recently pivoted and we focused more on can we get people to buy Meaningful Mornings, both through advertising that in our freebie and our email list but also through ads. That is working way, way, way, way, way better, and as we know, when those people come through and they do Meaningful Mornings, then they start to trust us, they start to understand, and they’re way more likely to join Change Academy.

So, that’s a little business lesson for you. I don’t normally do that much business content on this podcast, but I wanted to do that for today, and I also want to say if you are looking for mentorship around how to be better at coaching your clients on behavior change and how to change your own behavior to catapult your business forward, I just want to let you know that we have an elevated membership that’s called Change Academy Pro. You get all the goodies inside Change Academy, but you also learn how to apply that content with your clients and how to apply that content in your own business to help it grow.

So, if that’s something that you might be interested in, just go to www.karinn4.sg-host.com/academy-pro, and that’s the whole sales page. It’ll give you all the information that you might want. It’s an awesome membership. We have group calls, and so, I work with people, it’s like hot-seat coaching style inside of there, and this is a great example of the things on a regular basis inside of that membership. That’s all I’ve got for today. I will see you in the next episode!

PS: if you are on a journey to become a better you, and you want to learn the tools and techniques that will actually help change your life, make sure you check out my Change Academy Membership. Each month, we do a 1.5-hour workshop on a different psychological topic, but we also provide resources like journal prompts, worksheets, and trackers. We host community events and more. If you’re struggling to close the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it, this membership was built for you. Go to www.karinn4.sg-host.com/change-academy to learn more!


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