It’s time to teach again.

Hi, friends. 


I have a really important message for you today and I truly hope that you take the time to read this all the way through.


I’m currently on an Instagram hiatus – I had the desire pull at my heart last week to take time away and take a short hibernation season, and damn… did that urge deliver some serious clarity. 


Here’s what I want to tell you – what I want to tell ALL of you – business owners & regular people alike – about a shift happening right now within me & at BBA. 


In the past year, as BBA has grown rapidly, I’ve been using more and more words like “marketing” and “leads” and “funnels.” I’ve been laser focused on how to SELL, how to CONVERT, how to “get” new clients, members, students, etc. I’ve been thinking about discounts and percentages and numbers and people as data, not as people. 


And don’t get me wrong – this focus has “worked” in the sense that every single program we’ve got has grown significantly since this time last year. 


But it has NOT worked in that I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of the light and wonder and excitement that built BBA in the first place. 


I remember back in 2021 when I launched Change Academy – when I set a goal of getting 25 members to join and ended the launch with 126. When all of YOU rallied around the product in a sense of reverence and appreciation for GOOD teaching, action-packed application, and an empowering message. 


I remember in the early days of 2022 when we launched Six Hour Syllabus for the last time and it officially became evergreen, and I had people in my DMs on the DAILY telling me how freaking PUMPED they were about the impact and education we were bringing to their lives. 


Last week, I re-read the email we sent at the beginning of the month to everyone about how coupon codes were expiring at the end of the month. 


When I read it, I didn’t hear excitement. 


I didn’t see education, or empowerment.


It didn’t fill me with joy, or curiosity, or a sense of belonging. 


It felt like saltine cracker “marketing” – the kind you would get from every boring company out there trying to get your credit card to swipe. 


I didn’t like it at all. 


I think it’s unavoidable that as BBA grows, we will do some things wrong. 


I think what’s most important in those moments is that we fix it. 


Let me officially say: I think we have strayed away from our mission within our marketing. We made a mistake, and I apologize.


Here’s my promise to you, as the CEO. 



1. Beginning immediately, we will work diligently to re-focus our content across all platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Email, etc) on EDUCATION and EMPOWERMENT rather than “marketing.”


This doesn’t mean we’re never going to tell you about our products – I believe in them, they change lives every day, I believe sales CAN be empowering. It just means that we’ll lean back into the principles that grew BBA in the first place – curriculum design, adult learning, and EDUCATION as our primary role. 


2. We will be re-designing our Tuesday Toolbox newsletter to focus on readability, simple and tangible tools, and EMPOWERING you with the knowledge you need to build the life you truly want.


3. We will be taking time to audit & potentially re-structure each product to make sure STUDENT ENGAGEMENT and OUTCOMES are the priority. They’re already pretty freaking brilliant, in my opinion – but we can still do better. ALL current members will get any product updates completely free.


4. We will bring back the excitement, fun, and JOY of change – starting with THREE brand NEW products we’ll have available in mid-August which will be centered around three topics that I personally feel we’ve done too much “gatekeeping” around. (These are things you all have been asking for – and we’re finally going all in on creating them. At least ONE of them will be completely free!)


I’ll leave you with this:


Last year, at our team retreat, we were talking about our revenue goal for this year. I told the team that I didn’t truly have one. They suggested 1 million, but something in me said no. I wasn’t ready to push for 1 million yet. 


And then, around two weeks ago, I woke up with that desire bubbling in my stomach.


The desire to grow again. The desire to scale to that 7-figure benchmark. 


And now, I know why.


It’s because we are going to be the ones to DO IT DIFFERENTLY. 

Not through jump-scare funnels, or pushy marketing, or ads, or conversions, or coupon codes. 


But through empathy. And education. And empowerment. And EXCITEMENT. 


7-figures is the strategic byproduct of the MASSIVE impact we are hoping to create in the personal development industry. 


A total shakedown. An apocalypse, if you will. 


We’re going to say  “screw you” to all the noise that exists out there about HOW to scale a business, and rely on what I know deep within me:


Body Brain Alliance is a teacher, and so am I.



It’s time for us to teach again.


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10 thoughts on “It’s time to teach again.

  1. I love this and cant wait to see what Is next!

  2. Thank you for this. I appreciate your approach and your honesty. It continues to resonate with my personal growth and my own goals for teaching and coaching. Looking forward to everything!

  3. This resonated much more. Felt more authentic. Felt sincere. Felit Like what brought me and keeps me with change academy and coaching and tips from the newsletters. Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. I love this!
    Thank you for continually providing high-quality content that is fresh, relevant and so needed!
    This post reflects you practice what you teach.

  5. thank you❤️

  6. I love this so much! Im going yk re-engage. BBA abd you have taught me so much ALREADY. Im Ready to start learning again.

  7. WoWow, I can’t tell you how much this impresses me. You’re going to do this your way, build it your way, and have the kind of success that feels meaningful to you beyomd on the dollars, i love this

  8. I think you’re awesome and I’m excited for you and your business! You’ve got this!

  9. i have always been a huge fan of your teachIng, your authen and your honesty. Thank you for this heart letter. Looking fo to CONTINUING this learning JOURNEY with you and BBA.

  10. Love this!!

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