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Getting out of a Funk | How to do a Mid-Year Reset

3 Techniques to Regain Motivation and Move Forward


If you’re anything like our community members or our clients, you might be experiencing a mid-year funk. This is that feeling of low motivation that people typically get around the months of April, May, June, maybe even into July. It’s sort of that middle ground between the beginning of the year and the excitement that comes with that, and the sense of a yearly refresh that I don’t know about you, but I typically get at the beginning of the school year. 



My name is Dr. Karin Nordin, PhD, and by the way, I am an expert on all things real science behind self-help. So if you are trying to improve your life even in tiny meaningful ways, stick around and keep reading. 




In this article, we’re gonna talk about the mid-year funk, and give you three ways to release it and be able to move on and move forward towards your end of the year goals. 

Technique 1: Letting Go of Goals

Let’s set the scene. It’s the month of May or the month of June, and you have been low on energy, tired, and unmotivated. Summer is coming up (or here already), so you don’t really feel like you’re going to be able to have a normal routine. 



Things just feel kind of out of whack and kind of chaotic. The first thing I want you to do in order to get out of that yucky feeling of ambivalence is I want you to let go of your goals. 


I know, I know, I’m a self-help expert telling you to give up, but actually, science supports what I’m about to say.



There is a phenomenon in psychology called an action crisis, and an action crisis happens when we reach that point in a goal where we’re not sure whether we want to continue pursuing it or not. 



Psychologically healthy people handle an action crisis by practicing goal flexibility. It’s a cognitive skill that allows us to adjust or release our goals as circumstances change. So, if you’re feeling fed up with a specific goal, give yourself permission to let it go. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up entirely or that you’re a failure. It means you’re allowing yourself the freedom to reassess and adjust your goals. 


Trust that if it’s meant to be, your goal will find its way back to you. 


Remember, your journey towards personal growth is dynamic, and giving yourself the space to evolve is a healthy approach to achieving long-term success.

Technique 2: Talking it Out

Once you’ve taken the pressure off by letting go of certain goals, it’s time to talk it out. Ambivalence is that conflicting feeling where you want something but also find yourself resisting it. 



Example: You really want to eat healthy, but you don’t really want to eat healthy food. 



Now what we know is that coaching or talking to someone about your ambivalence, just surfacing that ambivalence through verbal communication, is called Change Talk. And what Change Talk does is it helps us actually work through and release that. 


We need to give ourselves an opportunity to kind of sift through all our thoughts about whether we should or should not keep this goal. And we can do that by having a conversation.



If you don’t have someone you can talk to about your journey, consider joining a community like Change Academy, where you can participate in discussions and find support.



Alternatively, if you prefer personalized support, explore our coaching programs and get on the waitlist here. But even without these options, simply reaching out to a friend, discussing your thoughts with your partner, or even having a conversation with yourself can be incredibly beneficial. 



Give yourself the space to explore your feelings and thoughts, and remember that it’s okay to reassess and make changes along the way.

Technique 3: Seeking New Sparks

Have you ever noticed how when you buy a new car, suddenly you start seeing that same car everywhere? It’s called priming, and our brains are wired to focus on what we tell them to expect. You can use this phenomenon to your advantage. 



Instead of trying to generate motivation for something that no longer excites you, give yourself a chance to look for the new sparks in your life.

Ask yourself what truly excites you at this moment. What are you motivated about? What feels interesting or fun? 


By redirecting your attention towards these new sparks, you open yourself up to fresh inspiration and possibilities. Remember, motivation can be found in unexpected places, but you need to actively seek it. Allow yourself to be inspired by something new, and embrace the excitement that comes with exploring different paths.


Releasing the mid-year funk and regaining motivation is possible with a few key techniques. Start by letting go of goals that no longer serve you, embrace goal flexibility, and be open to adjusting your path. 



Talk it out with others or even yourself to address ambivalence and gain clarity. Finally, seek new sparks in your life, redirecting your attention towards what excites you and exploring fresh possibilities. 



Remember, your journey is unique, and it’s perfectly normal to reassess and make changes along the way. Embrace this dynamic process, empower yourself, and move forward with renewed enthusiasm.



If you found this article helpful, we’d love to hear from you. Share your resolutions or goals in the comments and any insights you gained from these techniques. 



If you’re interested in more resources and support, consider subscribing to our email community here or exploring our coaching programs below.


Together, we can overcome the mid-year funk and make remarkable progress towards a fulfilling life.




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